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Re: 3D.rendering became slow since moved to wheezy.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Arnt:

>> I have slow 3D rendering on ATI card after full upgrading to wheezy.
>> Is there any strategy how I can investigate the bottle neck so that I
>> might file a bug report against it?

>..chk that you have linux-firmware-free and -non-free installed, and 
>KMS working, both upstream and Debian likes to weed out closed source
>blobs and put them in -non-free packages, and at least the radeon 
>driver still depends on some of them for speed.

OK. That's what I have after the upgrade:

$ dpkg -l |grep firmware
ii  firmware-linux-free  3
ii  firmware-linux-nonfree  0.33

How I can find about KMS status?

Hmm. To me whole the problem is strange - I think there should be no 3D
or it should be at some little variable FPS change after the upgrade,
but it works as follows : from about 420 in Squeeze down to 60 Wheezy...

Therefore I want to find out the culprit - it worked and worked much
better than now but something drags it down.

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