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Re: Moving to Debian server. (Re)Visiting the Postfix or Exim decision. Asking for Debian-ites' opinions.

> What difference does it make which MTA is the distribution default?

Given your response, I'd guess that it doesn't to you.  Thanks for your

It certainly made enough difference for Debian to choose -- differently
than most.  I've found Debian's 'decisions' as a distro to be generally
one of the reasons I'v considering it as my server distro.  It stands to
reason that I'd also be interested in understanding if those historical
reasons, or others more current, for mail server choice carry any weight
with folks evaluating the same decision in Debain server environments

> Use whichever best suits your needs.

Although it's a rather obvious suggestion, I plan to.

I'm not planning to run a personal mail server.  I'm planning a business

Those needs happen to include making an informed business decision that
takes into account others experience & opinions, the state of
community/project, etc.

Which is why I'm asking my question -- and looking forward to relevant



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