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Re: Moving to Debian server. (Re)Visiting the Postfix or Exim decision. Asking for Debian-ites' opinions.

On Fri, 16 Sep 2011 15:37:29 -0700, patk.1034 wrote:

>> What difference does it make which MTA is the distribution default?
> Given your response, I'd guess that it doesn't to you.  Thanks for your
> opinion.
> It certainly made enough difference for Debian to choose -- differently
> than most.  I've found Debian's 'decisions' as a distro to be generally
> one of the reasons I'v considering it as my server distro.  It stands to
> reason that I'd also be interested in understanding if those historical
> reasons, or others more current, for mail server choice carry any weight
> with folks evaluating the same decision in Debain server environments
> today.
>> Use whichever best suits your needs.
> Although it's a rather obvious suggestion, I plan to.
> I'm not planning to run a personal mail server.  I'm planning a business
> decision.
> Those needs happen to include making an informed business decision that
> takes into account others experience & opinions, the state of
> community/project, etc.
> Which is why I'm asking my question -- and looking forward to relevant
> answers.

What an amazingly patronising reply from someone seeking advice! Forget 
it, then.

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