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Moving to Debian server. (Re)Visiting the Postfix or Exim decision. Asking for Debian-ites' opinions.


We're evaluating our company's future server platform, and are pretty
much decided on Debian.

I notice that Debian has settled on Exim as the default MTA, unlike many
(most?) other distros which seem to use Postfix.

As we're also evaluating our mail server tech, I'd like to understand
the why of that decision -- and if it's still considered current/good

Yes, I'm aware that you can use whatever 'fits'.

I asked in #debian, and was pointed at:
http://feayn.org/~lewis/exim.txt.  Cute :-)

>From a tech perspective, having played with both now a fair amount, I
lean towards Exim's way of doing things.

But there's the project/community question.

Exim project appears to languish a bit -- looking at mailing list and
#irc volume -- especially since the original dev retired, and one of the
project's other primary devs from Cambridge seems to be not so active

Otoh, Postfix community seems active and 'verbose' ... including the
primary dev himself.

Since 'here' is where Debian-ites 'live', I'd like to ask for
experienced opinioins.  Specifically in a Debian-server world, why one
over the other?

In particular, is Exim still considered a 'safe' enough long-term bet to
base the next five years on?     Is the state of the community a
concern?  Seems that some companies, like AtMail, seem to think Exim's a
good enough choice to build a business and product on ...



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