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Re: Logitech K360 keyboard NumLock behavior gets turned on by Shift keys!

On Thu, 15 Sep 2011 13:35:35 -0400, Gilbert Sullivan wrote:

(sorry to be so succinct on my last post but I had to go out and had no 
the time to reply to you appropriately) :-)

>> Maybe you can make some comparison of the key you get using "xev", that
>> is, run xev, put num. lock off and press shift (read the screen) then
>> press end and see if what you get difference when you do the same but
>> with num. lock enabled :-?
> I can work with that later. In the meantime I've learned by looking at a
> system running the Gnome DE that there is a setting in
> gnome-keyboard-properties that lets me switch this function so that the
> keyboard functions the way I want it to work -- with NumLock in the off
> condition the Shift key doesn't override and turn on the numbers. In
> other words, I want the numeric keypad to behave with the shift key
> depressed exactly as it behaves with the Ctrl key depressed. No numbers,
> just cursor movement.
> I am, however, using Xfce as my DE, and I'm not at all interested in
> using Gnome. I imagine that, if I work hard enough at it, I'll find a
> way to change the behavior to suit me in Xfce.

Hum... okay, so you finally discovered that the behaviour you got was the 
usual one (nothing wrong here) and besides you also found the way to get 
the behaviour _you want_ (shift not overriding num. lock) when using 
GNOME by means of gnome-keyboard-properties but you like more XFCE and 
want to be there, right? :-)

Well, for this I can give you two hints:

1/ Install just "gnome-keyboard-properties" (which is part of the gnome-
control-center package) in XFCE. Duuno if this will pull many unwanted 
dependencies, if yes, stop.

2/ GNOME stores the values set from the "gnome-keyboard-properties" 
applet under "/etc/X11/xkb/base.xml", maybe you can use this file also in 
XFCE to mimic the desired key-combo behaviour :-?



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