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Re: (SOLVED) Debian Testing usb device permission only root

On Thu, 15 Sep 2011 11:29:58 -0500, Johnny wrote:

>>> johnny@xxxxxxx:~$ ls -la /media/usb0
>>> ls: cannot access /media/usb0: No such file or directory
>> Err, is the device connected? :-?
>> Attach the USB player and run "dmesg|tail", put here the output.
> I have been googling to fix this problem I did find a solution to fix it
> and I did not have GDM installed, I was using slim to login so I
> installed GDM3 and now the usb devices can mount and I can add files as
> a user now with no problem

Hum... I'm not sure how a login manager could have solved this, maybe 
gdm3 pulled the required packages to get the USB device to be properly 
addressed and set by udev rules. 

Well, good it is working now :-)



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