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Re: virt terminal font problem

>>>>> Roger Leigh <rleigh@codelibre.net> writes:


 > - You need modesettting, so don't disable it.  KMS and radeondrmfb
 > are the future, and so it makes no sense to disable, especially when
 > it's a massive improvement on what came before.  It will soon (if not
 > already, depending upon the driver), be required to use KMS to run
 > X11

	I don't seem to understand why is it a better solution?  AIUI,
	once something is in the kernel, switching to another version
	requires a reboot.  On the contrary, a stand-alone X-server can
	easily be replaced at will, without disturbing the system in any
	other way.

	I wonder, how it's going to make sense to move something to the
	kernel which is proved to live well in userspace?  On the other
	hand, I believe it's reasonable to move in the opposite
	direction.  And FUSE could be taken as an example of such a

	(I still recall that some 12 years ago, an acquaintance of mine
	has advocated that a Linux-based system is more stable since it,
	contrary to certain non-free systems of that era, has graphics
	running in its userspace, not kernel space.)

 > and Wayland.

	Wayland essentially means that I cannot $ ssh -X appsrv xapp &
	anymore.  How is it better to what we're having now?


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