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Re: virt terminal font problem

On 09/05/2011 06:21 PM, Roger Leigh wrote:
On Mon, Sep 05, 2011 at 04:12:31PM -0400, Whit Hansell wrote:
Please select the size of the font for the Linux console. Simple          │
  │ integers corresponding to fonts can be used with all console
drivers.     │[snip]
Some general points:

- You need modesettting, so don't disable it.  KMS and radeondrmfb
   are the future, and so it makes no sense to disable, especially
   when it's a massive improvement on what came before.  It will soon
   (if not already, depending upon the driver), be required to use KMS
   to run X11 and Wayland.

- Font setting works whether you are using a VGA console, framebuffer
   console or KMS with radeondrmfb.  The only differences are limitations
   in the fontsizes you can load.  VGA for example has limited space to
   store a font, which limits you to IIRC 8×16.  OTOH, the framebuffer
   permits much bigger fonts (I'm using 28×14 for example with
   KMS and radeondrmfb, and 32×16 also works).


Thanks for your help. With your suggestions and guidance I finally got it done. It was confusing but finally got figured out. Using the correct setting in modesetting as you recommended and have a 24 X 16 font size after a bit of fumbling w. iterations of variables. My little mind was goin' somewhat @#$%^&^&* but got it done w. your most helpful suggestions and guidance.

And I learned more about linux too thanks to you.

Cheers and regards,

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