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Re: Ugly appearence after upgrade

On Mon, 05 Sep 2011 18:05:31 +0000, Liam O'Toole wrote:

> On 2011-09-05, Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> wrote:


>>> The problem with clinging to GNOME2 is that the GNOME project will no
>>> longer develop it, so unless someone forks the whole kit and caboodle,
>>> it will eventually die off.
>> Yep, but GNOME2 is still supported upstream, at least for now, and I
>> will use it until it is finally dropped by the GNOME project. I don't
>> need additional features or enhancements just security fixes.
> Do you have a reference to the official GNOME2 end-of-life policy?

You mean Debian's official policy or the upstream one? :-?

> Somehow, I can't see it continuing to be supported when wheezy is
> released (or even when testing is frozen).

In Debian I guess GNOME2 would be kept until squeeze is out of support. 
And for upstream, GNOME 2.32 was released a year ago so I hope it lasts 
at least a couple of years or so. By "lasts" I mean it receives security 
fixes, I know nowadays almost all of tne GNOME project effort is towars 
GTK3 and GNOME3.

But nope, I don't have official papers for Debian's nor GNOME's policy 
about this, and I would really like to see them so I can be prepared for 
the worst :-)

>> And now you mention a fork, there are two projects focused on this:
>> mate and exde, IIRC.
> Yes, there have been a number of mentions of forks. But with a project
> as large as GNOME it won't succeed without a big commitment from many
> volunteers. That doesn't seem to be forthcoming.

Yup, I also think so. I think any fork effort will be something similar 
to KDE3 Trininy, but well, there are still users running those packages 
from Trinity repos, so who knows...

>> I'm a bit reluctant in changing to XFCE. I migrated from KDE4 to GNOME2
>> and now I feel very comfortable in this environment. Being like a
>> "nomad" is fine for young people that want to taste new experiences, I
>> prefer a quiet home :-)
> I know how you feel. I have several users who simply don't like change,
> and who are happy and productive with GNOME2. They have no interest in a
> "new desktop paradigm" or whatever. But the days of GNOME2 are numbered.

Very true, and I'm starting to prepare my soul for falling into the 
command like, the best place where a user can be (with some annoyances, 
though) O:-)



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