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Re: more woes with my debian install: booting edition

On Friday 02 September 2011 11:01:56 pm jeremy jozwik wrote:
> for those who are not fallowing, i last posted to the list about not
> being able to see anything on my machine past the debian squeeze
> install menu.
> well that was solved a few days ago. and since then i had been able to
> boot my machine into debian several times [possibly 6 at most]
> todays issue is a flashing underscore after the grub bootloaded
> bootloads the debian image.
> i had selected the recovery option, just to see what would happen.
> the post messages stopped at performance events: amd pmu driver and
> some important stuff was listed after that. honestly i tried
> understanding it but all i can get from the messages is that the cpus
> did not initialize?
> please see image below.
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/godblessbotox/6107490431/in/photostream
> i would appreciate any help that can be offered in the matter, i want
> to go back to using debian...

The screen picture that you posted doesn't show an error message, but it also 
doesn't show the entire video output.  Can you resize the video output on the 
monitor to show everything?  (I'm looking for a "#" prompt at the bottom left 
corner of the screen which would mean that linux booted properly and is 
waiting for your command.  

I'm also not clear about if you are ever able to boot normally into linux, or 
if the computer is totally unbootable.


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