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Re: sources.list directory specification

On 03/09/11 00:20, Dejan Ribič wrote:
Dne 2.9.2011 14:18, piše Scott Ferguson:
On 02/09/11 19:37, Dejan Ribič wrote:
Dne 02. 09. 2011 07:19, piše Scott Ferguson:
On 02/09/11 03:06, Tom H wrote:
On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 11:13 AM,<rlharris@hal-pc.org> wrote:



You are right in that I have a limited experience with backports, for
instance I've never used KDE4/Qt( well except QtOctave, but thats not
even in backports).
On another note I do have a Debian server with Squeeze installed and on
that machine I use neither, which also stores my monthly(/home/ backed
up weekly) CloneZilla images of the desktop PC, so maybe that is why I
use backports/proposed freely, because I know that if I mess up
something I can simply restore it with minimal loss of time or data.
My point is I agree with you, if you are using production machine and
you can't afford that some simple package like for instance Amarok
breaks it then it is best to "enable when needed".



I was attempting (and failing) to clarify the OPs query about options on http://debgen.simplylinux.ch/ and managed to sound alarmist. I suggested pinning is adding the non-default repos (default being the ones created by the installer) - seems that suggestion was missed by other readers...

Most of the time, as you've experienced, you'll have no problems - in your case the backup strategy minimizes downtime anyway. And someone has to test proposed ;-p It's early days, but I've yet to have a problem with squeeze-backports for iceweasel and icedove, for which I don't use pinning.

And, I make exceptions for Amarok (it's so good!). Even though it crashes instead of smoothly shutting down I'll continue to use it. :-)

I prefer Debian because I believe it gives me the most choices. I believe choices is a good thing (not everyone agrees). So I make suggestions in an effort to allow choices.


"I'm so tired....
I need my sleep, I really do, I need about 8 hours a day - and about 10 at night
And then I'm good."
— Bill Hicks

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