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sources.list directory specification

I am trying to compose a sources.list file for each of three machines;
one is for Lenny (oldstable), one is for Squeeze (stable), and one is
for Wheezy (testing).

According to "Index of /pub/debian/dists" at
http://ftp.pl.debian.org/pub/debian/dists/ ,
for Squeeze there are three directories, namely:

    => squeeze

    => squeeze-updates

    => squeeze-proposed-updates

Likewise, for Lenny there are two directories, namely:

    => lenny

    => lenny-proposed-updates

And for Wheezy, there are two directories, namely:

    => wheezy

    => wheezy-proposed-updates

However, the Debian Sources List Generator
(http://debgen.simplylinux.ch/) and numerous sources.list examples
posted on the web by various individuals use the form:

    => lenny/updates

    => squeeze/updates

    => wheezy/updates

rather than:

    => lenny-updates

    => squeeze-updates

    => wheezy-updates

Which form is correct? is it permissible to use either form?  may the
forms be mixed within a single sources.list file?


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