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Re: Sun Java plugin invalid in Iceweasel? (sid)

On Tue, 2011-08-30 at 19:21 -0600, Javier Vasquez wrote:
> Please notice these combinations require experimental besides
> unstable, :-)  And to make the dependency handling easier, I just use
> aptitude in ncurses mode, since safe or full upgrades will mislead...

I always use aptitude anyway, but your combination doesn't seem to be
installable right now. I downloaded the squeeze version of xulrunner-1.9
and that installed OK after including the old libmozjs2d. But then the
openjdk JRE is looking for a newer icedtea-netx than is available
anywhere. I forced it all in anyway and got Iceweasel to recognize the
plugin, but then it doesn't actually work anywhere.

I'm going to say this route leads to way too much package breakage for
me to pursue any further at the moment. Hopefully there's a way to get
the Sun version working properly.


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