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Re: Setting up Email on A Linux Box Using Alpine

On Tue, 16 Aug 2011 11:40:26 -0400, RiverWind wrote:

> Hi There,

Hi. You are hijacking a thread. Next time better open a new one for your 
problem instead of replying to the message of another user :-)

> I would sincerely appreciate all the input I can get regarding setting
> up email on my debian system using alpine. At present, alpine is
> behaving very strangely, 


The exact "strange" behaviour should be very welcomed for anyone that 
wants to lend you a hand. I'm using Mutt, but I guess Alpine should be 
very similar to setup and configure.

Anyway, do you have a concrete reason to use a MUA you don't know how is 
goes or that you find hard to setup? I mean, maybe you would be happier 
with another e-mail client, like Thunderbird, Evolution, etc... :-?



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