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Setting up Email on A Linux Box Using Alpine

Hi There,

I would sincerely appreciate all the input I can get regarding
setting up email on my debian system using alpine. At present,
alpine is behaving very strangely, and it would require quite a
lengthy email to this list in order to demonstrate the problems. I
am wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to get rid of the
version of Alpine that is resident on my system and just reacquire
it and start over.

The fellow who built the system for me did his best to get email
working, but he was ultimately unable, and hence gave it up as a
bad job. I know nothing about setting up email on my system, as I
am a novice linux user who has of late had very little time to work
on things. It has been a very busy summer, and I have only been on
line once every week or two. I now have more down time to devote to
learning linux and tieing up loose ends and setting up the system
that  I want to wind up with.

I wish to thank any and all altruistic parties who are disposed to
help me out.


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