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Re: Setting up Email on A Linux Box Using Alpine

On Tuesday 16 August 2011 16:40:26 RiverWind wrote:
> I would sincerely appreciate all the input I can get regarding
> setting up email on my debian system using alpine. At present,
> alpine is behaving very strangely, and it would require quite a
> lengthy email to this list in order to demonstrate the problems.

None-the-less, it is difficult to help you without more information.  Though 
we do have some brilliant mind-readers on this list!

> I 
> am wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to get rid of the
> version of Alpine that is resident on my system and just reacquire
> it and start over.
> The fellow who built the system for me did his best to get email
> working, but he was ultimately unable, and hence gave it up as a
> bad job. I know nothing about setting up email on my system, as I
> am a novice linux user who has of late had very little time to work
> on things. 

Setting up email on Linux I do quite often.  Setting up Alpine I have never 

> It has been a very busy summer, and I have only been on 
> line once every week or two. I now have more down time to devote to
> learning linux and tieing up loose ends and setting up the system
> that  I want to wind up with.

Welcome to Debian.  The best distro out there!

> I wish to thank any and all altruistic parties who are disposed to
> help me out.

I am _disposed_ to help you out, though in my case you do not have to ascribe 
it to altruism.  I owe this list big-time.  But having no experience at all 
of Alpine, I am not in a position to help.  I am sure however, that there are 
many on the list who do use/have used Alpine and will help.  I am interested 
that you equate setting up Alpine with getting email working.  They seem to 
me to be different things.

Better luck with th enext person to reply,

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