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Re: Google earth doesn't display anything on my Debian Wheezy amd64

On 14/08/11 22:52, AG wrote:
On 14/08/11 07:07, Scott Ferguson wrote:

Either method will give you a black screen with the proprietary Nvidia
drivers, unless the linux OpenGL library is also installed (from
If you have Nvidia proprietary drives try installing mesa-utils and
see if they require anything else installed - the "anything else" is
what is required to unblack googleearth (you don't need mesa-utils).


Does this apply to the nouveau driver as well, or will GE work fine with


Googleearth requires OpenGL - I'd only be guessing if I said the nouveau driver uses the same ones (though I suspect it does).

*Perhaps some kind person who uses the nouveau driver and googleearth* could give you the output of:-
dpkg --get-selections
and you could look for the missing OpenGL libraries...

From memory you said you're running Wheezy so there may be more than just nouveau differences with my builds (I run Squeeze KDEs).
dpkg --get-selections | grep mesa | grep -v dev
libgl1-mesa-dri                                 install
libgl1-mesa-glx                                 install
libglu1-mesa                                    install

I don't know you DE or sys info tools - if you install mesa-utils you can:-
$ scott@work:~$ glxinfo | grep 'direct rendering'
direct rendering: Yes

I which case googleearth should work. I suspect it may (ge) have the same requirements as marble - which is another way you could try tracking down you requirements (it's also a very sweet application - sort of FOSS googleearth).


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