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Re: Unable to create either bootable USB flashdrive or CD/DVDrom

I wanted to try this, but erroneously gave /dev/sdb1 instead of
/dev/sdb to fdisk (fdisk -l already showed weird information, and
cfdisk would even give a fatal error, but I was too stupid to realize
my mistake and thought that gparted, which I used to partition the
flashdrive, made the new partition format or some kind of options that
were confusing fdisk and cfdisk, so I went on), and set the boot flag
there, then when I realized my mistake it was too late to see whether
the boot flag was set previously or not. I then restarted with a fresh
partition table, and set the boot flag on partition 1, used
unetbootin, tried to boot, but got the same result as before.


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