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Re: Hardware - Boot issues: No post

On 8/10/2011 1:19 PM, KS wrote:

> The PSU was not disconnected but turned off from the switch on the PSU.
> I make sure that when I buy one, it does have a switch on itself rather
> than common practice of many manufacturers to take that off to save
> $0.01.

Wish you'd made this statement, or similar, up front.  You're a hardware
freak like me.  Well, maybe not quite like me.  :)  I _never_ buy an ATX
PSU without a manual switch either.  This one thing demonstrates to me
that you know hardware.  Most people never give this a though.  Sorry if
it seemed I was "talking down" to you with some of my suggestions.  It's
a public list, so I always assume lowest common denominator, starting
with the basics.

> Today's results:
> 1. Old RAM is working that I could use that in another machine and it
> booted up fine.
> 2. Switched CPU and it works as before without any issues. Good old AMD
> Phenom II X4 970BE
> 3. Memtest is running on old RAM just to be sure.
> Tentative conclusion:
> My ASUS motherboard is fried and I need to RMA it :( that means another
> couple of weeks of wait time.
> Will test motherboard after memtest.
> Tahnks again.

Bench test it outside the chassis with another PSU.  If it still won't
POST I'd say the board may have taken a dive.  This is weird.  I've
never seen/heard of a bad DIMM frying a mobo before...


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