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Re: Best linux Distro 2011

On Wed, 10 Aug 2011 10:51:46 -0400, shawn wilson wrote:

> On Wed, Aug 10, 2011 at 09:58, Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> wrote:

>> "Any" Debian flavour... you mean you prefer Ubuntu over openSUSE for a
>> server? Wow... can you expand that POV?
> i didn't make the statement but i can understand the 'pov'. no, ubuntu
> is *no* server (even their lts server - that's a joke). however, i
> wouldn't think to use sles as a server either (i've not ever looked at
> opensuse so i'm taking the closest comparison i've seen here).

I can't speak for SLES, I've never used it (note that SLES is not the 
same as openSUSE) ;-)
> firstly, on sles, can you tell me how many aliases there are? 

A few? O:-)

Let's see:

(openSUSE 10.3)
stt008:/mnt/etc# cat /mnt/etc/aliases | wc -l

(debian lenny)
stt008:/mnt/etc# cat /etc/aliases | wc -l

Oh, well... but how does the number of aliases make a system better or 
worse or...? I mean, do you think is a good parameter to measure 

> can you explain how the bloody hell they organize things in /usr and 
>/var (and /etc for that matter)? 

Hum... what's the problem here? I have no complains on this, maybe it's 
different from Debian but every distro plays with FHS at their desire...

> what monkey did they use to patch their kernel?

Hey, no monkeys in there! >:-) 

They have in their files some of the best kernel devels (I know, I 
know... we *do* also have :-P)

> oh, and what is up with their package manager - yast (haven't seen that
> in a while, but ..... yeah, it was bad a few years ago).

YaST (well, not YasT but "zypper") has been greatly improved and is in a 
very good shape by now (fast and stable).
> (as i've said / implied previously) there are only two reasons i'd use
> anything other than debian, slackware, or freebsd (or possibly openbsd)
> as a server - corporate history / bias or business support. i don't
> think opensuse fits either of those requirements. sles and ubuntu rarely
> fit those requirements.

If I would needed business support or having a big company behind my 
linux servers I probably would have gone for RedHat... but openSUSE made 
a great job for what I needed. It was my fist linux distribution and 
still miss it a bit :'(




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