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Re: can no longer print from acroread

On Tue Aug  9 07:27:35 EDT 2011, I wrote:

> The problem seems to involve the PostScript Printer Description.  I have
> until now been successful with a file /etc/cups/ppd/Phaser_6280DN.ppd.

On Tue, 9 Aug 2011 15:30:54 +0000 (UTC), noelamac@gmail.com replied:

> You can add another printer (I mean, another stanza for the same printer,
> your "Phaser 6280DN") from CUPS that uses the desired PPD (instead PS,
> try with PCL5/6 or another generic file) just to use it to print jobs
> from Acrobat Reader.

I'm not sure what PPD I'd use.  With the XP virtual machine, I fixed a
similar problem by switching (at your suggestion) to the PCL description.
However, Xerox doesn't offer a Linux PCL file for this Phaser.

What's more baffling to me is why printing from acroread just stopped
working.  Neither the PPD nor any of the acroread packages have changed since
I built Wheezy five months ago.  I noted on June 24th that printing from
acroread worked, and I think it only stopped working a week or two ago.


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