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can no longer print from acroread

Within the last week or so, my Wheezy machine has lost its ability to
successfully print a test PDF from acroread 9.4.2 to its USB CUPS printer
(Xerox Phaser 6280DN).  The printout is now just a page with a few PostScript

I don't think this is a CUPS problem.  lpstat -t shows nothing wrong, and I
get a successful printout from the test PDF with this:

/usr/bin/lpr -P Phaser_6280DN test.pdf

It also prints successfully from the Acrobat I have on a virtualbox XP
machine that uses the same CUPS printer.  And as I said, this same test file
printed fine from Wheezy's acroread until recently.  I tried reinstalling
acroread and associated packages, but that didn't fix the problem.

Here's another clue.  If I print from acroread to a file test.ps, I get a
file that on casual inspection looks like PostScript.  However, it fails to
open in gv, XP Acrobat, or Adobe Illustrator, all of which can open PS files
I make with groff.

The problem seems to involve the PostScript Printer Description.  I have
until now been successful with a file /etc/cups/ppd/Phaser_6280DN.ppd.  This
is a PPD provided by Xerox with some fixes (oopstops) that were needed when I
first brought it up.  If I delete that PPD, printing from acroread succeeds,
but then it doesn't offer any of the printer options I like.

Any ideas?  Thanks.

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