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[maybe OT] unicode control characters in filenames


For some time I'm looking to find a method to remove unicode control 
characters like U+202A; U+202C; U+200F from filenames.
I found lots of examples to do this programmatically with python, perl, even 
for VB and Java.
I was looking to do this with bash, find, grep and/or even sed because I just 
never wrote code in python or perl.
Can some kind soul please give me a hint how to proceed?

Oh well, Dolphin in KDE 4.7.0 lets me change the filenames manually without 
showing the actual control characters - you sort-of need to "feel" your way - 
which is OK. Dolphin interprets those characters as what they are: control 
characters - but manually file by file - I got hundreds - good grief!
ls -la is so kind as to show the unicode characters as <U+202A> and so forth.
Even mc shows at least dots for the unicode charcters, but no easy method or 
function to eliminate those chars from filenames - I mean a method simple 
enough and usable for simple-minded-non-perl-cracks-users like me.

Thank y'all

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