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Re: limiting email sizes when sending files

lee wrote:
"John A. Sullivan III" <jsullivan@opensourcedevel.com> writes:

If it is of any help, we are just about finished with an enhancement to
the mailscanner and zendto projects where mailscanner can be optionally
configured to detect emails larger than a given size, send the
attachments to ZendTo (a dropbox like server) and rewrite the email to
contain a link to pick up the files.

That's nice if the senders don't mind their files put on a web server
and if the recipients don't refuse to download them.  Are the files at
least protected by passwords, and do the senders get a notification with
a way to delete their files?

I've toyed with the same idea and I take your points about file deletion as well. It's not uncommon to see the same file transferred to many recipients when such file is much better placed on a company website. You can also track downloads of documents from a website, then you get a better idea of whom and how many people were interested enough to look at the file in question -- throw it blindly at an email end user and you are more likely to see it discarded than looked over properly.

Kind Regards

Andrew McGlashan
Broadband Solutions now including VoIP

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