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Unison hangs on copy

Today, I lost the ability to synchronize between two machines, one had
lenny until today morning, and the other was sid. I was using
apt-pinning to keep both unison versions compatible.

Yesterday night I was able to sync both machines for the last time.
Then, today morning, I was not. It connects to the server, it
recognizes the changes, and it offers me all the changes for approval.
Then, when it has to start copying, it just waits for ever, and no
progress is done.

Last weekend I upgraded the sid machine, so I thought that could be
the problem. I decided to upgrade the lenny machine to squeeze, just
in case. Nothing. I have unison version 2.32.52 in both. So,
basically, I don't know what to do know.

I haven't found ideas in google or Debian Bugs, only problems like
hanging when contacting server and such, but not after going through
all the stages before actually copying.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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