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Re: Printer Settings

On Tue, 2011-07-05 at 20:30 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> Right now I installed ijsgutenprint, since a gutenprint driver is able
> to give good printing quality for fonts, but there's no additional new
> driver available by system-config-printer. I'm going to install more
> gutenprint packages as soon as possible.

I additionally installed cups-driver-gutenprint
Now there's the 'HP DeskJet 600 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.6' driver
available. While the settings don't provide best printing, but standard
and draft only, there anyway is the possibility to print fonts in best
quality :). I still need to test if there will be any setting for this
driver to get a good printing quality for pics too. Since this is the
driver that I tested with Maverick too, I don't think that pics will be
good :(, anyway, system-config-printer for Debian seems to support
different setting options, than the Maverick version seems to support.


The drivers 'HP Deskjet 600 hpijs' and 'HP Deskjet, hpcups', I guess
provided by the packages 'hpijs' and 'hplip' are garbage, at least when
using system-config-printer.

The driver 'HP DeskJet 600 - CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.6', provided by the
package 'cups-driver-gutenprint' cause good printing quality for fonts,
but photos and graphics are still bad. I can test some more settings
using this driver, but I don't have much hope that this will improve

Does anybody know other HP driver packages?
Does anybody know other printer setting apps?

        If possible, please carbon copy to my email address, since I'm
        receiving digest only.

OT: I found a cheap ink that really dries and this additionally very
soon, so that it doesn't smudge, when trying to smudge using a finger.
The quality of the black seems to be ok too, it's not one of those pale
grey tones instead of black, but it might be still a little bit grey,
regarding to dullness by the angle of vision, I didn't compare it with
artist's colours or original HP ink until now and only used cheap paper.
I also didn't test if it's possible to draw with a layout pencil or any
other colour over the printer ink and I can't say if a printing will be
ok after being in daylight for one or two month. Compared to other cheap
ink I'm already enthralled that it doesn't smudge.

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