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Re: Printer Settings

On Tue, 05 Jul 2011 20:30:48 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:

>> > > using system-config-printer I tried to get a HP DeskJet 600
>> > > working. It's printing in disgusting quality only. Years ago I used
>> > > the same printer. The setup was easy to do and the printing quality
>> > > was excellent, I can't remember if it was on Debian, but at least
>> > > it was Linux. If I try to print by best quality using Debian today,
>> > > the printing is deformed. Standard and draft printings are
>> > > disgusting, much more worse than they should be.
>> > 
>> > (...)
>> > 
>> > A bad printer driver can give indeed very poor results :-(
>> > 
>> > For that kind of printer I would go for the latest available version
>> > of HPLIP and try with that.
>> > 
> I've got hpijs and hplip installed, both drivers are bad :(. 

dpkg -l | grep hplip

You may want to try with the lastest available version which is 3.11.5. 
If you already have it installed but still getting bad printing results, 
you may consider in openenning a bug report: if it was printing okay in 
older releases then something has changed to worse.

But before doing so remember to run a full clean routine to discard 
clogged ink at print heads :-P

> Right now I installed ijsgutenprint, since a gutenprint driver is able
> to give good printing quality for fonts, but there's no additional new
> driver available by system-config-printer. I'm going to install more
> gutenprint packages as soon as possible.

HPLIP should provide the better driver for your printer and it's not me 
who says so but:





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