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Set up headless Bubba Two for firewall/gateway


I have a Bubba Two <http://www.excito.com/> headless PC box and on it a
Debian GNU/Linux Squeeze operating system. I bought this hardware
preinstalled with Debian GNU/Linux Etch.

So far one can't to upgrade it to Debian Squeeze using the 'bubba'
software running on Bubba because the Bubba developers at Excito doesn't
have yet the installable version of Debian Squeeze integrated with the
'bubba' software.

I have upgraded my Bubba Two to Debian Squeeze from Debian Etch following
steps described on the Excito Forum under topic 'Running Debian lenny or
squeeze on Bubba Two' <http://forum.excito.net/viewtopic.php?
f=11&t=2518>. I did this because I want Debian Squeeze on my Bubba Two
hardware. :)

After this upgrade I have setup networking on Bubba following these steps:

I have problem when try to browse or ping from my LAN behind the Bubba the
Internet, say the Google.
is successfull, but
ping www.google.com
ping: unknown host www.google.com

What am I missing here to setup properly my LAN behind my Bubba?

Best Regards,


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