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Re: Headless Install Debian Squeeze

On 30/06/11 13:04, Martin McCormick wrote:
> 	It used to be that one got the installation program to
> run through a serial port by a command like
> linux console=ttySx,9600n8p
> 	I downloaded the new Debian 6 iso image from Debian.org
> and am trying to install it over a serial console which is one
> of the things that computer users who are blind can do
> if you already have one or more computers that talk.
> 	It appears that the procedure to start the serial
> console has changed.
> 	Can I boot the CDROM in serial console mode as before?
> 	I do have a local keyboard connected to the target
> system and the installation process usually goes easily enough
> once one gets the serial communications going.
> 	Thank you.
It's possible you are having problems because of the gui install screen
- you can disable it so that it will take cli parameters by arrow down
Hit esc during the initial boot - before the gui splash screen loads.
Then issue the command:-
install console=ttySx,9600n8p
expert console=ttySx,9600n8p

You can also expand the install options to:-
install vga=normal fb=false console=ttySx,9600n8p

If using ssh it's probably best to use a pre-seed file.


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