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Re: weird - rsync get removed from system. presumably after last update?

On Thu, 30 Jun 2011 14:16:02 +1000, Scott Ferguson wrote:

> I run rsync on headless web and mail servers as well as desktops. None
> of them lost rsync (none of them run Symantec).

I meant Synaptic. Sorry for a typo.

I used Symantec last time probably in Windows 95 or 98. But somehow until 
today I quite often mistype it for Synaptic. Very persistent 
infection. :-)

> 90 packages!
> Do your have "everything" installed? ;-p

Well, I have a default Squeeze install here, whatever comes with it.

However now the size of update I've mentioned worries me. I actually was 
surprised by the size of the update at the time it appeared too. 

> None of mine/ours received that many packages in the last point release.
> Perhaps you had not been regularly upgrading prior to the 6.0.2 release?

My Update Manager is set up to update daily, and so it does. One more 
point to be worried for me.
> Do you mean just "rsync", the daemon, or some sort of gui for it?

No, I do not use gui. But neither I use a daemon. I usually just install 
rsync on my workstation and then run via cron my own script for daily 
backup and once a couple of weeks I run manually another script. Both 
scripts just invoke rsync. I do a snapshot like backup with rsync.

> Have you tried re-installing rsync using apt? Any interesting messages?

Yes, I re-install rsync but did not see anything unusual.

> Please post the output of:-
> $ dpkg --get-selections | grep deinstall


> and your cron log

Last day I have a good backup 


Then following 2 days when backup failed due to rsync was mysteriously 


Nothing special.

> plus any relevant messages in /var/log 

Nothing relevant AFAICS.

> Also check your system for unread system mail.

There is mail reporting cron job failed starting 2 days ago and this from 


rkhunter seem to be known false positives, unless I'm mistaken.

Well, I start thinking about reinstall. I do not like mysteries. :-(

And thanks for your reply.

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