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Re: How to get the stable iso for lenny

On 30/06/11 15:25, JD wrote:
> On 06/29/2011 10:35 PM, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 30/06/11 14:56, brijesh singh wrote:
>>> Hello Everybody,
>>> Good Morning !!
>>> For validation of a product we were looking for lenny version of Debian
>>> for desktop.
>>> Please could any of you help me to get the valid mirror location where I
>>> can get the lenny (iso/source) for i386 platform?
>>> Thanks and Regards
>>> -Brijesh
>> http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/archive/5.0.8/i386/
>> Cheers
> There are 4 DVD iso's there:
> debian-508-i386-DVD-1.iso    19-Feb-2011 16:22  4.4G
> debian-508-i386-DVD-2.iso    19-Feb-2011 16:25  4.4G
> debian-508-i386-DVD-3.iso    19-Feb-2011 16:28  4.4G
> debian-508-i386-DVD-4.iso    19-Feb-2011 16:32  4.4G
> debian-508-i386-DVD-5.iso    19-Feb-2011 16:33  1.0G
> Are these all installation iso's or are they sources as well?

You have posted that email to me only. Sending this reply to the list.

They are the installation isos. The last DVD is usually just updates.

I don't know if they also contain the source code.
Others on the list can advice.

I recommend any installation be done from a netinstall or business card
cd - they download only the required packages from the repository rather
than all 17GB.
DVDs and CDs get read errors - repositories don't. Lenny isn't about to
vanish any-time soon.
There are plenty of instructions should you wish to create a local
repository mirror.


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