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Re: Accented chars in filenames issue

On 25/06/11 11:27, Doug wrote:
> On 06/24/2011 08:16 PM, lee wrote:
>> Scott Ferguson<prettyfly.productions@gmail.com>  writes:


> Probably the best reason is if you *ever* share files, or send one to
> someone else, he/she is as likely as not not to have the capability of
> inputting the accented character.   --doug

In this case it would require educating Microsoft Windows users (and
corrupting my nicely organised and extensive music collection). Which is
where the problem came from. I have no problems with either ext3 or ext4
in "creating" filenames with whitespaces and accented characters.

Note the screen shot:-
 - that's a file being transferred from a MS users NTFS drive to mine -
I can play the file fine (on their drive) but it won't copy across
unless I create a non-UTF file system, or rename it.

Dumbing down all song, album, and artist names to remove whitespaces and
accented characters is not feasible. There's a difference between
Camaleon and Camaleón, and it's a difference Amarok has no trouble with.

The whole point of UTF is to be able to deal with extended character sets.


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