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Re: Samba or NFS--tangent

On 06/04/11 at 07:21pm, Doug wrote:
> On 06/04/2011 02:53 AM, Ron Johnson wrote:
> >On 06/04/2011 01:31 AM, Doug wrote:
> >[snip]
> >>I opened the suggested url, and read the following intro: "*Reader
> >>Prerequisites*: To get the most from this
> >>article, understand the following concepts before reading: basic unix
> >>command line tools, text editors,
> >>DNS, TCP/IP, DHCP, netmask, gateway"
> >>
> >>I'm not afraid of command line tools and I can use nano or pico, or mc
> >>(yes, I've been around
> >
> >What do you current use to configure networking in Linux?  (You
> >must get to the Internet somehow...)
> >
> I have a router with ethernet connections from each machine. (Or
> wireless, if the laptop is not wired in.)

For future reference, this means you *do* have a network set up.
Contrary to what you said before..


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