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Re: Samba or NFS--tangent

On 06/04/2011 01:10 AM, Doug wrote:
On 06/04/2011 01:55 AM, Ron Johnson wrote:
On 06/04/2011 12:48 AM, Doug wrote:

No, I don't have a network up. As I said, I really don't know anything
about networks. What I want is not only file sharing,
but the ability to use the Win 7 machine as a print server. (Linux is
not fit to be a print server since it takes forever to
print .pdf's. Maybe someday. . . .) Also, the Win 7 machine is closer to
the printers, which are hard-wired. All of the machines
are connected by ethernet

But you say at the beginning of the paragraph that you don't have a
network "up". Misprint?

or wireless. but the printers don't have either.

No, I can plug both the Windows and one Linux machine into the Laserjet,
one on
parallel, and one on usb. But the only way I can communicate between any of
the machines to share files is to email myself thru the isp. And the
only way
I can print to the color printer is to move the usb cable to whichever of
two of the machines--the Win 7 or the other Linux--it will reach. And it is
far too late to move everything around, and anyway the printers only
have two
input ports, and there are three computers. I hope I have made sense?

How do they access the Intarweb at the same time?  Or do they?

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