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Re: backports updates (2)

On Lu, 23 mai 11, 11:01:47, Lisi wrote:
> I have in fact gone on niggling at this.  And the instructions page clearly 
> says to add those exact lines.  I agree with you now.  I must have just 
> copied and pasted them without registering them.
> I clearly do need to add etckeeper as you suggested.  At the very least it 
> would reduce the number of times I make a fool of myself. :-(  And you are, 
> of course, right that the archives should be kept accurate.

I hope you didn't get this the wrong way and please feel free to ignore 
any suggestions from my side regarding administering your computer, if 
you don't find them useful. I just happen to enjoy throwing ideas 
around, although sometimes I tend to exagerate ;)

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