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Re: backports updates (2)

On Monday 23 May 2011 10:18:28 Andrei Popescu wrote:
> On Lu, 23 mai 11, 09:37:25, Lisi wrote:
> > I don't dare touch things like pinning and do not recall ever having
> > edited a preferences file for apt.  I'm far too scared of mucking up my
> > system.  I didn't want updated versions either OOo or Firefox that
> > badly!!
> >
> > But, as I have said: where are we going with this and why?
> Firstly you mentioned that lenny-backports is priority 200 by default,
> which is inaccurate. Sorry for insisting on such details, but these
> discussions are archived...
> Secondly, I'm not aware of any package messing with
> /etc/apt/preferences, which would indicate you put it there and just
> forgot about it. May I suggest installing etckeeper? In it's default
> configuration it will automatically keep a track of all changes in /etc,
> which you can review very easily if you wish with (as root):
> # cd /etc
> # git log -u
> If you make any changes and don't want to bother committing them
> yourself they will be committed automatically before any package
> install. Committing (recording) changes is not very complicated. Just do
> as root:
> # cd /etc
> # git commit -a -m "<note about what I just changed>"
> The big benefit of committing yourself (vs. automatic commits) is you
> can easily tell from the commit message what the change was about ;)

I have in fact gone on niggling at this.  And the instructions page clearly 
says to add those exact lines.  I agree with you now.  I must have just 
copied and pasted them without registering them.

I clearly do need to add etckeeper as you suggested.  At the very least it 
would reduce the number of times I make a fool of myself. :-(  And you are, 
of course, right that the archives should be kept accurate.


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