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Re: backports updates

On Lu, 23 mai 11, 09:37:25, Lisi wrote:
> I don't dare touch things like pinning and do not recall ever having edited a 
> preferences file for apt.  I'm far too scared of mucking up my system.  I 
> didn't want updated versions either OOo or Firefox that badly!!
> But, as I have said: where are we going with this and why?

Firstly you mentioned that lenny-backports is priority 200 by default, 
which is inaccurate. Sorry for insisting on such details, but these 
discussions are archived...

Secondly, I'm not aware of any package messing with 
/etc/apt/preferences, which would indicate you put it there and just 
forgot about it. May I suggest installing etckeeper? In it's default 
configuration it will automatically keep a track of all changes in /etc, 
which you can review very easily if you wish with (as root):

# cd /etc
# git log -u

If you make any changes and don't want to bother committing them 
yourself they will be committed automatically before any package 
install. Committing (recording) changes is not very complicated. Just do 
as root:

# cd /etc
# git commit -a -m "<note about what I just changed>"

The big benefit of committing yourself (vs. automatic commits) is you 
can easily tell from the commit message what the change was about ;)

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