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Re: Dovecot Problems on Sid

Stan Hoeppner wrote:

> Your demonstrated frustration and cussing clearly demonstrate you are
> NOT a proper candidate for using unstable packages.  Do yourself and
> us a favor and stick to stable.

you are not proper candidate to tell me what I should do.

The reason to say this the way I said it, is because already last time I
migrated dovecot I had many troubles and this is the job of the developers.
Believe me I know what I am doing (resp. saying). Dealing everyday with
software developers .... some of them think with their ass and the result
is something like dovecot updates ;-)

Any way I've solved it the way David Baron suggested.
purge and install again. This was the case with the last upgrade 2 years ago
too ... so I state again ... their is some ass working on dovecot, that
doesn't care about upgrade and so on...

Sorry for my rough language ... It can't be hard to think few steps further
and write two lines.


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