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Re: Dovecot Problems on Sid

On Du, 15 mai 11, 11:41:18, deloptes wrote:
> The reason to say this the way I said it, is because already last time I
> migrated dovecot I had many troubles and this is the job of the developers.
> Believe me I know what I am doing (resp. saying). Dealing everyday with
> software developers .... some of them think with their ass and the result
> is something like dovecot updates ;-)
> Any way I've solved it the way David Baron suggested.
> purge and install again. This was the case with the last upgrade 2 years ago
> too ... so I state again ... their is some ass working on dovecot, that
> doesn't care about upgrade and so on...

I'm sure the dovecot maintainer(s) would welcome your help on improving 
the packages.

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