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Re: Dovecot Problems on Sid

Stan Hoeppner wrote:

> ""sid" is subject to massive changes and in-place library updates. This
> can result in a very "unstable" system which contains packages that
> cannot be installed due to missing libraries, dependencies that cannot
> be fulfilled etc. Use it at your own risk!"

Stan, stop repeating what's sid, we all know, and it is not about
testing/stable or something else.

It's about the lack of communication and adequate update/upgrade options.

FYI: I have a testing (sid) system and production stable. Of course I apply
changes to testing first.

The odd thing as stated before is that this happens ONLY with dovecot for a
second time (first time when I migrated from lenny to squeez)

> This is the nature of sid, is it not?  Has been for how many years?

No, I can not agree with you ... this behavior seems to be typical for
dovecot developers.

Sure I had to reconfigure many packages i.e. exim clamav etc but here the
problem is outside of the config (etc/dovecot) - understand this already?


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