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Re: Dovecot Problems on Sid

On 5/14/2011 6:13 AM, deloptes wrote:

> someone is thinking with his/her ass instead
> of his/her head

Your statement could very well be applied to occasional users who
attempt to install unstable software, i.e. yourself.

"sid" is subject to massive changes and in-place library updates. This
can result in a very "unstable" system which contains packages that
cannot be installed due to missing libraries, dependencies that cannot
be fulfilled etc. Use it at your own risk!

From:  http://www.debian.org/releases/sid/

Your demonstrated frustration and cussing clearly demonstrate you are
*NOT* a proper candidate for using unstable packages.  Do yourself and
us a favor and stick to stable.

If you *need* Dovecot 2 features that are not available in 1.2.15, wait
for the Squeeze backport or download the latest 2.x source tarball and
build it yourself, following the Dovecot docs, if you're up to the task.
 I have the feeling you are not.


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