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Re: Bug report: Which package?

Ralf Jung (ralfjung-e@gmx.de on 2011-05-04 22:19 +0200):
> Hi list,
> The problem is that my USB keyboard and mouse do not work properly
> when Debian starts up: Only if they are plugged in after boot
> finished, they will work. If I have them plugged in already during
> boot, they still work fine in GRUB, but when the graphical login
> comes up, neither mouse nor keyboard react.
Like others have said, xorg-input-input-evdev is the most likely
suspect. But you should check first if the problem really is in X only.
So when you are on the login screen, press ctrl-alt-f1 and see if it
drops you to a console. Try to login there. If that doesn't work, the
problem is not in X but most likely with udev or even the kernel.

To workaround the situation, you could try to add the following
to /etc/X11/xorg.conf (section "ServerFlags"), create it if necessary:
option  "AllowEmptyInput"  "false"

Hope this helps,

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