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Re: Bug report: Which package?


sorry it took me so long to react to your quick and helpful replies, I first 
had to recover from an illness.

I verified that xserver-xorg-input-evdev is installed. The packages xserver-
xorg-input-{kbd,mouse} were not installed, but installing them changed 

Ctrl+Alt+F<1-6> does not do anything. SysRQ+reisub however triggers a reboot, 
as expected.

I just noticed an oddity during system book: It's saying
"startpar: service(s) returned failure: udev". In the system log however I 
found no mentioning of udev besides two lines saying "<30>udev[...]: starting 
version 167". But I guess this is still not okay?

Kind regards,
Ralf Jung

PS: Please add me to CC as I am not subscribed to the list.

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