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Re: Bug report: Which package?

In <201105042219.02801.ralfjung-e@gmx.de>, Ralf Jung wrote:
>I am having trouble with Debian, and I do not know which package is
>responsible for that. According to the wiki, I should then go here to ask,
>so that's what I do :)
>The problem is that my USB keyboard and mouse do not work properly when
>Debian starts up: Only if they are plugged in after boot finished, they
>will work. If I have them plugged in already during boot, they still work
>fine in GRUB, but when the graphical login comes up, neither mouse nor
>keyboard react. This happens both with the devices connected directly to a
>USB port and with an active hub in between. I am running Debian testing
>with all updates applied.

Sounds like an X.org problem.  First, make sure you have the packages 
"xserver-xorg-input-evdev", "xserver-xorg-input-kbd", and "xserver-xorg-input-
mouse" installed.  If so, I think the bug is with one of those packages, 
probably -evdev.

As far as subscribing to the list, feel free not to, but remember that the 
mailing list policy is to send replies to the list and to NOT CC the original 
poster.  If you want to receive CCs (like I have sent you), you'll need to 
mention that you want a CC in each of your postings to the list.
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