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apt-cache --names-only search apm | grep sleepd. Is there a bug?

    $ apt-cache --names-only search apm | grep sleepd
    sleepd - puts an inactive or low battery laptop to sleep

Am I right that, according to man apt-cache, mentioning sleepd is a bug?

    $ man apt-cache | grep -A20 ' search regex' | head
           search regex [ regex ... ]
               search performs a full text search on all available package
               lists for the POSIX regex pattern given, see regex(7). It
               searches the package names and the descriptions for an
               occurrence of the regular expression and prints out the package
               name and the short description, including virtual package names.
               If --full is given then output identical to show is produced for
               each matched package, and if --names-only is given then the long
               description is not searched, only the package name is.

    $ dpkg -S /usr/bin/apt-cache
    apt: /usr/bin/apt-cache
    $ dpkg -l apt
    ii  apt         Advanced front-end for dpkg

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