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Re: fullscreen video with mencoder

On 05/01/2011 01:34 AM, Doug wrote:
Maybe I missed something along the way, but I think there is a more-or-
less standard that just chops the sides off wide-screen pictures and
fills the
screen with the center 4x3 section of picture.

That's called pan-and-scan, and you must manually specify when transcoding the video that you want to chop off the edges.

 Unless you have wide-screen
text or a spreadsheet, this seems to work fine for most other purposes.
(I'm still using 4/3 displays on Linux and Windows and I have no
intention of
changing until a monitor burns out. I would lose too much horizontal
[i.e., desk space] if I had a 16/9 screen of the same height as I have
which I need for comfortable reading and writing of text.) Oh--I don't play

newegg sells some 4:3 LCDs in a range of prices. I bought two Hanns-G 19" 4:3 monitors and am nothing but pleased with them.

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