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Re: fullscreen video with mencoder

In <20110430212842.GA16962@debian.Jeff>, Jeffrin Jose wrote:
>On Sat, Apr 30, 2011 at 03:04:37PM -0400, Rob Owens wrote:
>> I think he wants the black bars.  What he doesn't want is for the video
>> to get stretched to fill the screen, wrecking the aspect ratio in the
>> process.
>I do not want the black bars. I need the picture to be
>fullscreen without getting stretched.

So, you want the picture cropped to the screen size?

If you have a video that is 16x9 and you have a 576x432 screen you can:
(1) Scale by a factor of 36 in both dimensions, maintaining aspect ratio, to a 
576x324 video and add 88 rows of black pixel padding to fill the rest of the 
(2) Scale by a factor of 48 in both directions, maintaining aspect ratio, to a 
768x432 video and delete 192 columns of data by cropping since it can't all be 
displayed on the screen.
(3) Scale by a factor of 36 horizontally, and 48 vertically, stretching the 
image--changing the aspect ratio by a factor of 4/3, but giving a exactly 
576x432 video.

Most video players with a full-screen mode do (1).  Many have an option to do 
(3).  I've not seen a GUI option for doing (2), but I'm sure there's a 
command-line invocation of mplayer (and possibly others) to do it.

#2 is somewhat crappy, since it loses data.  It has certainly been used, as 
part of "pan-and-scan" conversions, but they are usually human assisted, so 
they can avoid cutting out important events.  (I can imagine a full automated 
pan-and-scan but I don't know anything that does that, yet.)
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