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Re: Suggestion for a smartphone running natively LINUX? :)

Christian Jaeger wrote at 2011-03-29 13:10 -0500:
> 2011/3/15 green <greenfreedom10@gmail.com>:
> > I purchased the N810 hoping naively that I could run mainline Linux on it
> > eventually.  It does not and probably never will.  The N900, if that page I
> > linked is correct, does not; it might never.
> I'd be ok using non-mainline
> kernels, as long as they are provided in source code

My opinion: a non-mainline kernel will be eventually left behind by mainline 
development.  Also, it seems to me that mainline retains a higher standard than 
developers at Nokia.

I wonder, with the whole Microsoft thing at Nokia, are there any Nokia Linux 
developers remaining?

> it may still be
> possible to run Debian with a self-compiled kernel (maybe sound won't
> work or in the case of N900 the GSM, though), it seems?

Some research would be required to make a comprehensive list of what could be 
made to work using a custom kernel.  I find it easier to just require mainline 
support so I know everything will work without hassle.

For example: the N900, running a custom kernel, *might* not have a functioning 
vibrator, touchscreen, bluetooth, FM receiver, infrared, front or main camera, 
or LED flashlight.  Nor cell support it seems.  Nor cpufreq support, without 
which the battery probably will not last as long.  Sounds like a dead device.  
Much of that *might* be made to work, one piece at a time.
(from <https://elektranox.org/n900/status/kernel.html>)

I guess I just lack the time to kill trying to make a device work.  I think it 
is time for devices to be available for sale that are supported by mainline 
Linux, plain and simple.  Of course, kudos to developers who work to push 
support to mainline later in a device's product life.

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