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Re: Suggestion for a smartphone running natively LINUX? :)

2011/3/15 green <greenfreedom10@gmail.com>:
> I purchased the N810 hoping naively that I could run mainline Linux on it
> eventually.  It does not and probably never will.  The N900, if that page I
> linked is correct, does not; it might never.

Which page? https://elektranox.org/n900/status/kernel.html only
specifies what's in mainline, right? I'd be ok using non-mainline
kernels, as long as they are provided in source code (as opposed to a
binary image (not allowed anyway) or only working with binary

A couple months ago someone said on the #maemo or #meego IRC channel
that he had a kernel in the making. So while it may not be possible to
use a kernel from Debian or one off kernel.org, it may still be
possible to run Debian with a self-compiled kernel (maybe sound won't
work or in the case of N900 the GSM, though), it seems?


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