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iinstallation of Debian 6

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From: anderson raymond <anderson_raymond@yahoo.com.hk>
Date: 2011/3/26
Subject: installation of Debian 6
To: darkestkhan@gmail.com

Dear Sir/Madam
When I installed Debian 6 using the win32 loader, everything seems all right,
then the system reboot, but stop at the following phrase.
>waiting for /dev to to fully populated.
Would you please give me some advice what is going on?
Raymond Hung from Hong Kong

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I'm sure it was meant to the debian-user list, and not to me. As I'm
not sure what exactly is going on I'm forwarding.

My _guess_ is it is problem with drivers or hardware. Some additional
information about your system configuration would be helpful.

jid: darkestkhan@gmail.com
May The Source be with You.

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